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Hair Design
Cut & Blowout $46 - 54+ Shampoo, conditioner, cut-blowout & custom finishing products.
Mens Cut $29 - 33+ Shampoo, hair cut, and custom finishing products.
Child Cut (up to 12yrs) $25 - 29+ Shampoo, wet cut & finishing products.
Child Cut & Style $30 - 38+ Shampoo, conditioner, cut & style
Blowout Style
$35 - 41+ Shampoo, conditioner, round brush blowout & custom finishing products.
UpDo Special Style $55 - 87+ Special occasion hair styling. No shampoo. Arrive with clean dry hair with a top that goes over the hair.

Hair Treatments
Clarifying Treatments (Malibu) $20+ Great treatments to prep haircolor. Brightens blonde & clarifies minerals from the hair.
Aveda Botanical Conditioning Treatments $20 Improves dry hair up to 86% with Buriti and pomegranate oils & improves damaged hair up to 84% with Quinoa protein and sugar beet derived amino acid.
Aveda Scalp Treatment $25 Pramasana purifying scalp cleanser 
Bond Strengthener  $20+ Olaplex protection for your hair during coloring service & mask treatment after haircoloring.
Redken Treatment Conditioner$20Uniquely mixed for what best suits your hairs health.
Olaplex Bond Strengthening Treatment $30 Great pre or post service for blonding services and hair that may be compromised.

Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment $300 - 320+ Formaldehyde free smoothing lasting 3 - 5 months. Check out Cezanne smoothing on-line for all details.
Long and thick hair may be subject to an extra product cost with any hair service. Some appointments may require a prior consultation to determine the service fee. 
Full Foil               $124 - 148+ Consult on tone of color and placement. Application of Highlight color in a foil placement.
Partial Foil $90 - 100+ Consult on tone of color with a half head placement. Application of Highlight color in a foil placement.
Single Process Touch-Up $50 - 58+ Formulation and application of color at the base/root of the hair. 
All Over Color Single Process $70 - 78+ Formulation and application of color at the base with an application and formulation for the lengths & ends of the hair. Ends can not go lighter than what color they already are without a lightening service/custom coloring.
Touch-Up & Partial Foil $115 - 133+ Placement of partial foils on the front & top of the head with a single process Tup color on the base/root. 
Touch-Up & Full Foil $140 - 160+ Placement of a full head foils with a single process Tup on the base/root color.  
Glaze/Toners20+ Demi Color for beautiful shine, toning or color balancing the hairs lengths and ends and as an overlay.
Men's Color Camo $34 - 36+ Redken's special color that camouflages the grey away. A demi permanent color that works as a permanent color. Three tones to choose from: light, medium, and dark. All intermixable. 10minute processing.
Corrective Color Per Quote Consultations are complimentary, corrective color is a custom color service, pricing varies on the session time of the appointment.
Bleach Double Process  $155 - 185+ Application of a scalp safe lightener, shampoo, toner, and conditioner.
Balayage/Foilyage/Teasylights$155 - 310+ Balayage/Foilyage gives modern dimension in the hair. Teasylights are a popular choice for blended highlights. These are custom color services. 
BlowOut Finish With Color Service     $20 - 30+A styled round brush blow out after a color service that did not have a haircut service.
~Drying your wet hair after a haircolor service without a finish blowout service bookedComplimentary/Do-It-YourselfOur ionic hood dryers blow soft warm heat on your hair. As you sit under the hood dryer, fluff your wet hair dry under the warm air as the dryer dries your hair. Average 15 minutes to dry. 

We offer changing smocks to protect your shirt during the perming process with all the wet solutions applied to your hair. We still love to roll hair and perm it for texture, ask us about it! Haircut service is separate. *no shampooing for 48hrs after a perm service. 
Perm Long $90 - 100+
Perm Short Traditional $65 - 73+
Perm Spiral/Piggyback Design Wrap$124 - 148+

Waxing Services
If you are using Retin-A, Retinoid or Glycolic Acid, you must stop usage 5 days prior & 5 days after waxing service.
Avoid sun exposure for 24 hours after treatment.
Brow Wax $12 - 14
Lip Wax $12 - 14
Chin Wax $12 - 14

No Stubble

When you shave your face, the facial hair is cut off at the surface of the skin, leaving it blunt-edged. When it begins to grow back, it grows in the form of stubble. While a five o'clock shadow is fine for most men, it is unsightly on a woman. Waxing removes the entire hair shaft, meaning it grows back naturally and without the stubbly look that shaving can cause.

Longer Results

As the entire hair is removed from your face, you are guaranteed much longer-lasting smooth skin, notes The root of the hair is removed completely, meaning that it needs to reform from the root before appearing on your face again. Most wax jobs, depending on how fast your hair grows, can last up to two weeks. Shaving your face or using depilatory only lasts up to five days.

Less Hair

The more you wax, the less hair you'll grow, notes Waxing ultimately damages the hair follicle. After having it done repeatedly on your face, the follicle will stop producing hair and you'll become hair free. Of course, the reduction and essential cease of hair growth can take years to occur, but unlike shaving, you'll start to see less hair each time you wax. This is especially helpful when you're embarrassed about the hair on your face.

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